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Stihl Chainsaws For Sale

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Stihl Chain Saw Features

Anti-Vibration System

Anti-Vibration System aka the AV System. The AV System was incorporated into Stihl chainsaws as a series of ant-vibration buffers to help reduce operator fatigue caused by the vibration of the chainsaw engine and cutting bar.

Front and Rear Hand Guards

The rear hand guard is design to protect your right hand while operating the Stihl chainsaw. The front guard performs two functions. One of these is to protect your left hand from reaching the cutting area if it were to slip off of the chainsaw handlebar. And the second is to function as the chain brake device stopping the chain from moving if the chainsaw were to kick back while cutting.

Throttle Trigger Interlock

Stihl's Throttle Trigger Interlock prevents the throttle lever to be depressed as long as your hand isn't completely wrapped around the rear hand guard. This safety device has been incorporated into Stihl chainsaws for years and has proven to be a great innovation in chainsaw safety. This interlocking device prevents accidental acceleration of the chainsaw engine which in turn could cause serious injury.

Decompression Valve

Stihl chainsaws with higher displacement engines come with a decompression valve. The decompression valve releases the pressure in the cylinder chamber allowing for an easier pull when starting the chainsaw. Once the chainsaw has started the valve closes allowing the engine to run with full compression.

Winter/Summer Shutter

Some of Stihll chainsaws come with a Winter/Summer Shutter. This device when opened allows warm air from the chainsaw's cylinder head to be drawn into the air-box where the air envelopes the carburetor keeping it from icing up in cold or damp working conditions. Then in the summer the shutter would be closed bypassing the warm air away from the chainsaw's air-box.

Carburetor Adjustments

Some of Stihl chainsaws are equipped with adjustable air and fuel flow settings for the chainsaw carburetor. This option can be a real help if you are cutting wood in high altitudes or other extreme environments.

Fluid Reservoirs

Stihl chainsaws are designed with two fluid reservoirs. One is for the fuel and oil mixture that runs the chainsaw and the other reservoir is for the bar chain lubrication system. Always put mixed oil/gas into the fuel tank reservoir. Never put raw unmixed gas into the fuel tank reservoir thinking the oil from the bar chain reservoir will mix with it. It won't! The typical Stihl chainsaw requires a 50:1 fuel to oil mixture, but always check with your Stihl operator's manual to ascertain the mixing requirements for your chainsaw.

Adjustable Oil Pump

This feature is available on many of Stihl's newer saws being made today. The adjustable bar chain oil pump allows the operator to control the speed in which the chain gets lubricated. Insuring proper lubrication of the chain while cutting many different variations of lumber hardness and thickness or when using different bar lengths.

Buying A Used Stihl Chainsaw

When considering to purchase a used Stihl chainsaw for sale it should be noted that not all of the features listed above might be on the Stihl that you're considering buying. Some of these features are only found on newer Stihls while others are options on Stihl chainsaws with engines of larger displacements. However, which ever used Stihl chainsaw you consider, rest assure that you will be buying a chainsaw that has been made from well over 80 years of the highest quality, craftsmanship and safety innovations of any chainsaw being manufactured today.